The Buyers Landscape in 2023

Today’s buyers have plenty of challenges to overcome, from information overload to economic uncertainty. An increased risk of failure has impacted budgets and continues to affect businesses. On the whole, this has made buying far more complicated and ultimately will affect the way buyers and sellers interact in 2023 – and beyond… In this post, […]

The Current State of Sales

By Brent Adamson and Matt Dixon It’s an interesting time to be in sales. Prospects have access to more information than ever, carrying out most of their research before they even think about talking to a sales rep. When they finally reach out to a rep, they often feel that salespeople aren’t really listening to […]

The Future of Sales


September, 2022 The Future of Sales How will B2B selling evolve in the future? What’s the next big paradigm shift in sales?How are buying behaviours evolving? And what implication does that have on the way salespeople need to adapt? Flow State’s very own Aaron Evans hosted a webinar with two legends of the game Brent […]