Cold Calling 101 – How to Open a Cold Call

Cold Calling 101

Contacting the Customer

After you have identified your prospects, the next stage is to initiate contact. The communication channel. In some instances, a phone call is the appropriate means of contacting a prospect, while other times your first point of contact may be an email or even a LinkedIn message. We use several ways of engaging our customers, here are a few examples: • Cold Call – Pick up the phone and contact the right person in a company, you will need to do some research before hand. • Email – Send over a hook to what you want to talk to the customer about and a firm next step • Gives – Send over a piece of insight, part of a report, or a interesting article to pique the customers interest • Referral – Getting someone you have engaged or even a current customer to initiate a conversation between you and a new contact

Pricing Strategies – How to Use Price Anchoring

Pricing Strategies

Do you think you can alter someone’s thinking by the pricing you put in front of them? Well, of course you can – Price Anchoring allows us to do precisely that. The initial number a prospect hears will massively affect the way they perceive value. This video gives you the techniques used to anchor price, and make the customer feel they are getting a higher value.

The Challenger Sale – Interview with Matthew Dixon

Matt Dixon Interview

In 2011 Matt Dixon helped change the landscape of sales with The Challenger Sale. A book that shook up the industry and left an indelible mark on the way modern selling is conducted. In this interview Matt gives us a history of his research that came to be The Challenger Sale We also dive into other topics including how the book was received, the future of selling and his new company Tethr.

SPIN Selling – Interview with Neil Rackham

Neil Rackham

The mark Neil Rackham has left on sales is bigger and more influential than any other single person on earth. In 1988 Neil released the worldwide best seller SPIN Selling, after doing 12 years of research on selling and salespeople. SPIN selling is the first book to use research and data to analyse sales techniques and find the common trends for sales excellence.

Never Split the Difference – Interview with Chris Voss

Chris Voss Interview

When you think of negotiation you think of Chris Voss. Having spent many years as a hostage negotiator the FBI, Chris refocussed his skills into the world of business. Changing the sales landscape in 2016 with his incredible book Never Split the Difference, Chris has completely changed the way we look at negotiating and injected some much needed science. In this interview we discuss the genesis of the book, how it changed the world, the mark Chris has left and some really practical negotiation tips.