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What makes a high-performing sales organisation?

Excellence doesn’t happen by accident.

Through decades of working with different sales teams across multiple sectors, we’ve identified 12 pillars—key areas that provide a strong foundation for sales excellence.

By working with your sales teams to identify performance levels across the different areas of the framework, you’ll build a mature sales organization that’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Results that speak for themselves

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Increased monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

“I have felt so much more confident in delivering pricing following the training. We are now presenting prices that are 3x that of where we were before and my MRR has gone up by 78%"

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Improved forecasting accuracy

“We’re now landing within +/-10% of our predicted forecast, compared to +/-30% previously”
Nicolas Marchais, VP of Sales

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Increased average order value (AOV)

Spendesk saw a 44% increase in AOV within just three months.

Building the foundations to fuel growth across your sales organisation

Your sales team is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses on both an individual and group level.

Rather than using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, programmes are tailored to your team’s most pressing needs to provide both short-term impact and long-term scalability.

Actionable insights from day one

You’ll get the development you need to improve your team’s skill set, mindset and techniques, so you can start seeing improved results immediately.

Sustainable growth

By optimising your existing structure and implementing strategic processes alongside new behaviours, you’ll enjoy meaningful transformation across your sales organisation.

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