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Case studies

Why our clients love us

Transforming revenue teams for the better

What our clients ACTUALLY say about
working with us.

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The series C FinTech scaling into new regions and markets.

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How Flow State helped Ankorstore ramp up their sales enablement.​

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How Flow State helped Clocktimizer nail down their pipeline.

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How Flow State helped Charlie boost their close rate by 9%.

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How Flow State helped LinkedIn sharpen their sales skills.

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How Flow State helped Fastmarkets increase cross-sell revenue by 147%.

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How Flow State helped Amazon improve their response rate.

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How Flow State helped Vixio revitalise its sales process for 2023.

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How Flow State helped JATO Dynamics adopt a fresh sales methodology and increase growth.

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How Flow State helped Seismic’s sales team level up.

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SAE Media Group

How Flow State helped SAE Media Group increase rebookings by 300%.

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Mr Yum

How Mr Yum reached 180% of their sales target for the quarter

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How Zutec scaled up its enterprise sales and improved its pipeline

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How Flow State helped HiBob revamp its sales process and start winning bigger deals

Trusted by businesses across the world.

Delivering tangible success

“My MRR went up by 78% following the training. I’m now much more confident in how I deliver pricing.”

Gaetan Desazars de Montgailhard
Team Lead Sales, Spendesk
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Increased average order value (AOV) in just 3 months


Increased monthly recurring revenue (MRR)


Improved forecasting accuracy

“The results were immediate and impressive. The passion the guys have and the energy that they bring is incredible. I would recommend Flow State to any sales team”

Lorenzo Filipo
Team Lead New Business, Amazon

“For me, they’re an incredibly trusted pair of hands that genuinely care about the outcome of the programme. They’re just as invested as you, if not more so, in making it a success. They care about the people they’re coaching and want to see everyone succeed.”

Damien Andreasen
VP Sales, HiBob

“The biggest result from working with Flow State is understanding the competencies that make someone successful in our business and then seeing our management team start to deliver against that consistently.”

James Mansfield
CRO, Fastmarkets


Cross-sell revenue increase


Customer Churn proportional decrease


Forecasting accuracy increase

“Flow State laid the groundwork for lasting change that would benefit the business for years to come.”

John Purkis
CRO, Jato Dynamics

“There are many facets to the work they do, but the net effect is that each minute of your salesperson’s time generates a higher amount of revenue… And Aaron and Raff give them all the skills they need to do that.”

Timi Oluto
CRO, CharlieHR
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