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Sales Enablement Teams

Elevate enablement to a hero status.

In the eyes of many businesses, enablement has become a cost centre, finding it hard to justify it’s ROI. For a function designed to set sellers up for success – we have to ask the question: How has this happened?
Too many enablement teams have been focussed on initiatives which are far removed from driving pipeline and revenue outcomes, focussing on back-end, operational tasks through “random acts of enablement” which often take sellers away from revenue-generating activities.
This simply has to change.

The most successful modern enablement teams are strategically aligned to the goals of the organisation and exist to make the lives of salespeople quicker, easier and more successful

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“There’s been a strong improvement in how enablement works with the sales team. Previously we had a top-down approach, now it’s much more collaborative.”

Thomas Monvoisin
Head of Sales Performance & Enablement, Ankorstore
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