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Account Management & CS Teams

Customer Success is a mindset not just a job.

Too many customer success and account management teams are stuck on the hamster wheel.  Putting out fires, driving adoption and chasing renewals.  Whilst addressing tactical/reactive needs is critical, so is being that indispensable trusted advisor who is strategic, value-led and future focussed:
“Share your unique insight that I simply can’t find online”
“Provide me what I need without me asking”
“Help me spot those icebergs in the distance”
“Make my business better, safer and more powerful”

Every program we build at Flow State is about making sure your customer success and account management teams realise that they ARE the critical value add.

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“We now have a deeper understanding of our buyer in this current environment and their different priorities, along with the tactics we can use to have stronger customer conversations.”

Niamh O’Leary
Sales Leader, LinkedIn
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