A flow state is where you’re in the zone, performing at your very best.

During flow, you lose yourself in the moment and become one with the task at hand. The experience itself is so enjoyable that people participate for the sheer sake of doing it.
For us, helping sales teams puts us in our flow state. With nearly 40 combined years of experience in the field, we still get excited about sales and the opportunity to help teams reach levels of performance they didn’t think possible.
In turn, with the right guidance, those sales teams find their own flow state. When you get immersed in the art and science of sales, you grow as a team to the point that selling becomes effortless, enjoyable and energising.

A team built on a passion for sales


Raffael Fernandes

Founder & Director
Raffael founded Flow State in 2020, driven by the fundamental desire to help sales leaders and teams win, with the belief that a coaching-first mindset lies at the heart of the most effective sales transformations.

​With 17 years’ experience in B2B sales, Raffael has worked in a range of leadership roles at both global corporates (including RELX, Informa and Accenture) and VC-funded startups across the globe.

Passionate about the ever-evolving science and art of B2B sales excellence, Raffael has consistently demonstrated expertise in bringing people, practice, process, strategy and technology together to achieve sustainable high-performance.

Raffael specialises in enabling sales organisations to realise their full potential by building foundations for lasting revenue success.

Aaron Evans

Head of Training & Enablement
Aaron gets a genuine kick out of business transformation through upskilling and uptooling sales professionals to execute on big, scary strategic goals.

His 13 years’ experience in sales enablement, coaching and hands-on training has seen him help multinational, corporate and startup businesses transform the way they sell.

Aaron was named one of the Top 20 Global Sales Enablement Influencers and has proudly helped thousands of sales managers and professionals around the world develop their skills.

He specialises in highly-immersive B2B sales training and coaching, not only teaching advanced skills and techniques but also helping participants challenge their own beliefs and assumptions, leading to improved sales behaviours and results.

“Raff used his expertise in sales process and methodology to transform the way the business qualified opportunities and forecasted. He helped me construct strategies to get complicated deals over the line and helped me become a more consultative salesperson”

Sean Charles

Sean Charles

Account Director at LinkedIn

“I was very much self-taught until I met Aaron. From his training my career went from strength to strength. I became a better, more rounded salesperson with my average deal value increasing in correlation to training I was receiving”

Dan Wilde

Dan Wilde

Account Director at LinkedIn

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“You are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.
The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.
Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Author of "Flow"

Find your team’s flow state

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