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Sales Teams

Be THE difference in your buyers eyes.

It’s despairing to hear that 72% of modern B2B buyers now prefer a “rep free buying experience” (Gartner 2023). Essentially what buyers are saying to the “average seller” is:
“You are dispensable to me”
“You’re not adding sufficiently value to the process”
“You don’t get my business”
“You aren’t bringing new insight or ways of thinking to the table”
“It’s easier, quicker and better for me to do this without you being involved”

Every program we build at Flow State is about making sure buyers NEVER say this about your team! We help your sales teams realise that they ARE the critical value add.

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“We’ve been able to shorten the average timeline for the sales cycle. It wasn’t unusual for us to be working deals for 6-12 months. The last one we signed in 35 days.”

Lotte van der Zee
Sales Director, Clocktimizer

“Flow State laid the groundwork for lasting change that would benefit the business for years to come.”

John Purkis
CRO, Jato Dynamics

“Both the sales director and I have been leading sales teams for over 20 years, and there were definitely concepts in the training that were new to us.”

Miles Dixon
Managing Director, SAE Media Group
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