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Flow State Training Programs

Timeless consultative selling principles meets cutting-edge techniques.

Our comprehensive training programs address each stage of your new business and existing customer pipeline to deliver the skill, execution and confidence to succeed. Flow State sessions are renowned for being thought-provoking, energetic and highly-actionable – allowing you to see measurable pipeline impact and drive long-lasting, behavioural change.

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Discovery Mastery

We believe that a seller’s discovery is THE golden opportunity to challenge the buyers thinking, surface unrecognised needs and demonstrate unique expertise.

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Delivering Value

The middle of the funnel is often a graveyard for opportunities – and businesses don’t know why. 

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Closing the Sale

In many ways buying has become harder than selling, with 53% of opportunities ending in “no decision”.

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Building Top of Funnel

The sheer volume of bang average outreach from sellers globally has left nothing but scorched earth, with buyers running for the hills clutching their wallets!

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Pipeline Discipline

Whether it’s shoddy deal management, forecasts shrouded in hope or the dreaded end-of-month deal slippage, pipeline discipline is simply a non-negotiable for high-performing sales organisations. 

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Customer Retention & Expansion

Far too many CS teams are lacking the commercial competencies to drive effective retention and expansion at scale.

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