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How Flow State helped Vixio revitalise its sales process

When it comes to the high-stakes world of gambling and payment regulations, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a smart business move — it’s essential. Companies that fail to keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape risk damaged brands, lost revenue and even legal action.

As a regulatory intelligence organisation, Vixio provides a vital service to gambling operators, payment processors and B2B manufacturers. The company has helped big brands such as Mastercard, Visa and Willam Hill navigate complex regulations and identify the requirements for the different jurisdictions they operate in.

Dalia Nightingale is Vixio’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), responsible for all the commercial operations across the company’s two offices in London and Washington.

To hit their targets, Dalia ensures that her team is performing at their very best and that their clients are completely satisfied. This means tracking metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), but the business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are renewal value and year-on-year growth (in terms of new business and volume of clients). As a result, a strong sales process is non-negotiable.

Preparing for a new phase of growth


Vixio has gone through an incredible period of growth over the last few years, leading to its acquisition by private equity firm Perwyn at the end of 2022. With plans to expand its product set and explore adjacent opportunities, Vixio arranged for a big company kickoff to start 2023.

“We wanted to really think about how we get the wider business and commercial organisation to think about things differently in a changing market as we enter a new phase of our business growth journey,” explains Dalia.

Having followed Flow State’s content on LinkedIn, Dalia was already familiar with Aaron and his approach to sales. It was a perfect match, so she arranged for Aaron to speak at the kickoff.

“We needed something that would span the breadth of the marketing and sales journey, not just sales,” says Dalia. “I knew Aaron had that background, mainly on the sales aspect, but also incorporating the whole buyer experience. That’s something that we’re looking to optimize.”


Why Vixio chose to work with Flow State


When Dalia first met Aaron, his industry knowledge stood out. “He had this insight-led perspective: ‘This is what’s happening in the market, this is what the research is showing,’ etc. It was reassuring, but his delivery was also very impactful.”

Along with his knowledge of the latest buyer trends and behaviours, Dalia appreciated Aaron’s knowledge of foundational sales methodologies and frameworks, like The Challenger Sale. That expertise resonated with the Vixio team, as they were looking to adopt and enhance those same skills within their business.

Aaron’s energy also helped create a truly compelling session. “His style is very down-to-earth and entertaining, which makes people listen,” says Dalia. “He helped validate some of our actions, but also challenged us and got us to think slightly differently about the way we do things, which I think was particularly useful. We won’t walk into this year blindly doing the same things that we did last year. Each phase of a growth journey or a macroeconomic climate requires something different.”

Giving sales teams the tools they need to succeed


The training session provided the team with practical guidance and actionable advice to take their sales skills to the next level, such as how to build relationships and serve as a trusted advisor.

Aaron also explained the skills that sales managers typically recruit for and how these differ from the attributes that customers value in an advisor. For example, Aaron’s session dived into why treating each sales interaction as though it was a one-size-fits-all, with the same playbook and way of doing things, won’t always get you the same results.

The training covered other key skills such as communication, listening, storytelling and solution-focused selling, along with examples and analogies to reinforce the main points.

“Aaron gave this example of a plumber coming to fix his boiler,” recalls Dalia. “Even though he didn’t understand what he was talking about, the plumber told him what the problem was, how he had solved it, and reassured him he didn’t have to worry.

That’s what every customer wants, right? They’re happy to pay the money, even if they don’t understand the solution, as long as they’re confident you can deliver. That analogy worked really well. It was a good reminder to elevate the conversation with the customer and solve problems with them, rather than making it transactional.”


Hitting the jackpot with Flow State


While Vixio has already enjoyed significant growth, the new ownership means this is just the start of the journey. “We’re looking at how we can expand the organization more broadly,” says Dalia, “primarily through product but also people. We’re still in an exploratory phase, but we want to grow another 20% this year.”

Flow State’s sales training provides the foundation to achieve those goals. The session was well received by the team, who gave it an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

For Dalia, Flow State is ideal for sales teams who need to sharpen their focus on what matters most. “If anyone wants to bring energy to the room and a perspective that challenges your thinking, Aaron is perfect for that… Sometimes organisations just think about what they need to do internally and forget about the customer. That’s what I loved about Aaron’s session — it was all about the customer, because that’s how you win.”



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