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Building Top of Funnel

Would you respond to your own outreach?

The sheer volume of bang average outreach from sellers globally has left nothing but scorched earth, with buyers running for the hills clutching their wallets! We believe that the very best sellers can puncture the white noise with genuine expertise, become a known voice within their industry and influence buyers at the early stages of the journey.

Prospecting Techniques

Generating a consistent flow of high-quality leads is the dream for many businesses…but the reality is often very different. Prospecting today has become a minefield in itself with many potential customers disengaging from channels that were previously tried and trusted. Striking the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness is absolutely vital:

  • What is prospecting? Where businesses often get it wrong
  • How to define a detailed Ideal Customer Profile
  • Defining buyer personas & use cases to build your prospect list
  • Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the wide range of modern outreach methods
  • Putting yourself in a position to be truly engaging – whatever the channel
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

ICP Creation

Segment Prioritisation

Understanding Buyer Personas

Creating Leads Lists

The First 30 Seconds (Opening)

Cold calling can be one of the hardest aspects of sales to master, but it needn’t be. In this session your team will learn about:

  • Establishing rapport, credibility and intrigue quickly
  • The importance of unrecognised pain and challenging your prospect’s perspective
  • Personalising your outreach
  • The importance of authenticity and empathy
  • Shifting the mindset from “booking demos” to “finding pain”
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Permission-based Opening

Leading with Insight

Opening & Closing Pain Funnels

Handling Fob Off’s

Gaining Commitment

Building Trust & Rapport

Social Selling with LinkedIn

80% of B2B social leads last year came from LinkedIn yet most people are still using it in completely the wrong way – or in many cases not at all. LinkedIn remains the biggest untapped audience of potential new customers for your business. Whether you like it or not, if you’re in B2B sales today, you simply have to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn:

  • What is social selling, and why is it important today
  • Leveraging market and persona insights and perspectives to shape your narrative
  • Why LinkedIn is a party not a marketplace. People talk to interesting people!
  • What, when and how to post engaging content – creating a personal brand which builds a following
  • 5 Tips, tricks and algorithm hacks for optimising your LinkedIn presence
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Building Personal Brand

Video Outreach

Winning Mindset

Building Trust & Rapport

The Power of Video Outreach

We have a multitude of different channels at our disposal as sellers and video is for many still a new, engaging and effective way of capturing prospect’s attention. Video is a brilliant way of getting both our message and personality across whilst still being an under-utilised channel:

  • Video: the under-used tool in your sales locker
  • Why video outreach has unique value in the eyes of prospects
  • How to position your messaging and pique curiosity
  • Why do sellers give up on video outreach and revert back to old methods?
  • Scaling video outreach for repeatable success
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Video Outreach

Leading with Insight

Surfacing Unrecognised Needs

Building Personal Brand

Building Trust & Rapport

The Winning Mindset

We all know that mindset plays a huge role in success – but what does it really mean – and is it even possible to develop it? In this session we will:

  • Explore the facets of a Growth vs a Fixed mindset, and how these traits typically manifest within a sales environment
  • Understand the role of healthy pressure in high-performance and what is – and isn’t – within our span of control
  • The Dunning-Kruger Effect – getting out of our comfort zone to let confidence and competence develop over time
  • Realise why we already have all the tools in our locker that we need to succeed
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Winning Mindset

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