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Closing the Sale

Turn your committed opportunities from fantasy to fact

In many ways buying has become harder than selling, with 53% of opportunities ending in “no decision”. Effective modern sellers have to act as the “buyer’s agent” by giving them confidence in their decision-making, alleviating their fears, whilst collecting their commitment throughout the buying journey.

Closing & Planning for the Close

We’ve uncovered pain, matched our solution, sent a beautiful proposal and…….got ghosted! In this session we’ll learn all about how to get agreement at every stage of the journey in preparation for the close:

  • What is closing and when should we do it?
  • The importance of trial closing to continuously gain commitment
  • Why salespeople lack confidence in closing
  • Planning for the close using a mutual action plan
  • The elephant in the room – Asking for the business
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Asking for the Business

Stakeholder Alignment

Mutual Engagement Plan

Gaining Commitment

Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

Objections have the ability to stop a conversation in it’s tracks and leave salespeople with nowhere to go except conceding defeat – but is this session we’re going to learn why objections are a good thing!

  • Why objections are a really good thing
  • Spotting the difference between objections and fobs offs
  • The 5 Common Categories of Objection
  • A method for surfacing, isolating and overcoming objections
  • Buying Signals – how to spot and act on them
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

Closing on Buying Signals

Judging Level of Indecision

Contextual Questioning

Dealing with Customer Indecision

Customer indecision is the “silent killer” of pipeline. Stuck in a state of analysis paralysis and fearful of making the wrong move, today’s buyers often find it easier and less risky to do nothing. In fact 53% of B2B deals are lost to “no decision” and rather than status quo being the enemy, it’s more often due to buyer’s lack of confidence and indecision:

  • The JOLT Effect – groundbreaking insights on why buyers are finding it so hard to decide on anything right now
  • Spotting signals of buyer indecision in your deals
  • Guiding the buyer through expert recommendations
  • Techniques to take drive outcome certainty and take risk off the table for your buyers
  • Anti-ghosting techniques for modern sellers
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Judging level of Indecision

Offering Expert Recommendations

Limiting & Leading the Exploration

Taking Risk off the Table

Effective Negotiation

Imagine you never had to discount an opportunity again…. Now scale that across your entire team and organisation! The reality however is that many sales people don’t handle negotiations effectively, offering discounts without needing to. Expert negotiation separates high-performers and results in stronger price points and buyer relationships:

  • What is negotiation and why do we do it
  • When should we negotiate?
  • Framing and setting the rules of negotiation
  • Creating a win / win – planning your negotiables
  • Negotiation techniques – 20 practical tips to supercharge your negotiation
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:


Active Listening

Contextual Questioning

Gaining Commitment

Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

Selling to Procurement

You’ve built value, been selected as the vendor of choice and the contract is all but agreed – now you need to navigate a procurement process. This process doesn’t need to be a battle and should in fact be a collaborative process to get the deal done:

  • Understanding the role of procurement
  • Uncovering the KPI’s and success criteria that procurement teams are driven by
  • Understanding how the procurement process works
  • What are the negotiation variables at your disposal – and how can you leverage these when dealing with procurement
  • How transparency and honestly speed up negotiations
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Engaging Procurement

Building a Compelling Business Case


Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

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