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Delivering Value

Forget ‘demos’
Improve your win rates

The middle of the funnel is often a graveyard for opportunities – and businesses don’t know why. We believe that there are a set of best-practices which get buying teams aligned, engaged and excited about the value you will deliver.

Building Champions & Aligning Stakeholders

It’s well known that the number of stakeholders involved in B2B purchase decisions has risen significantly over the last decade – and even more so since the global pandemic. So building champions to generate internal buy-in and momentum is absolutely vital. As the saying goes “no champion, no deal”:

  • The importance of building champions
  • How we identify, coach and stress-test our champions
  • Unifying functional stakeholders around a common business problem and priority
  • A method for classifying stakeholders & decision influencers based on their level of motivation and influence
  • Transferring ownership and accountability to the buying team
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Identifying & Building Champions

Stakeholder Alignment

Building Trust & Rapport

Gaining Commitment

Value-Based Demonstrations

Many sales people struggle with effectively using the “ammunition” from the pain they’ve uncovered to delivering a personalised demo journey which delivers on value and outcomes. In this session we’ll learn about:

  • How buyer needs guide product demos
  • The N.F.A.B.Q method
  • Dilution of value and the importance of personalisation
  • Past & Future value realisation – how we can create a motivated and memorable buying experience
  • The Top 10 demo mistakes salespeople make – and how not to fall into the trap
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Setting Agendas & Upfront Contracts

Matching Solution to Pain


Closing on Buying Signals

Surfacing & Overcoming Objections

Psychology of

“How much does it cost?” It’s a simple question that can leave sales people tied up in knots! In this session we’ll learn about what’s going through a buyer’s mind when they consider price and the best way to deliver it:

  • The illusion of Price – understanding the difference between price, cost and value
  • Exploring the psychology of pricing and how it influences buyer perceptions
  • Learn how, when and what language to use when delivering pricing
  • The power of No
  • Practical techniques for using attributive value to increase price points and deal sizes
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Delivering Price


Asking for the Business

Establishing & Influencing Decision Criteria

Establishing & Influencing Decision Criteria

Every buying team has a set of criteria that ultimately shape their decision about which solution to pick. Sometimes these factors are explicitly labelled, however often they are not! Expert sellers understand how to actively identify, shape and influence the criteria to put themselves in the best position to win:

  • What are decision criteria – and why do they matter
  • The 3 main categories of decision criteria – and who in the buying team typically cares about each one
  • Separating the “must have’s” from the “nice to have’s”
  • Spotting the common deal risks and red flags relating to decision criteria and indecision
  • How and when to influence the decision criteria
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Establishing & Influencing Decision Criteria

Stakeholder Alignment

Value Pyramid

Matching Solution to Pain

Judging level of indecision

The Power of Storytelling in Business

In a B2B world filled with data, signals, trends and forecasts – it’s our ability to craft and deliver compelling, memorable stories with those inputs that allows our messages to cut through and create connection with our customers. In this session we’ll learn about:

  • Why stories are so powerful – how storytelling affects our neurochemistry and influences behaviour
  • The formulas used by Hollywood filmmakers to create emotionally compelling narratives
  • How and when to use storytelling in B2B settings to shape the customer’s frame of reference
  • The Minto Communication Pyramid – how to position your core message to time-poor executives
  • The art of visual storytelling – creating an “unfair advantage” with your message
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:


Matching Solution to Pain

Leading with Insight

Building Trust & Rapport

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