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Discovery Mastery

Deals are won or lost in discovery

We believe that a seller’s discovery is THE golden opportunity to challenge the buyers thinking, surface unrecognised needs and demonstrate unique expertise. Our bar of excellence is your customer turning around and saying “I’d have paid for that conversation”.

Discovery 1: Uncovering & Developing Pain

Without an effective discovery it’s almost impossible to sell. In today’s environment prospects are often not aware of the underlying pains within their organisation that your product can solve – so finding pain is key:

  • What the fundamental purpose of discovery actually is – for us and the prospect
  • 9 common symptoms of poor discovery and how to avoid these
  • Why “finding pain” is no longer enough in the modern selling environment
  • The importance of Active Listening, Contextual Questioning, Probing & Finessing
  • Surfacing unrecognised value and customer-led urgency to impact the P&L
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Agreeing Agendas & Upfront Contracts

Leading with Insight

Contextual Questioning

Active Listening

Discovery 2: Amplifying Value & Urgency

In today’s world  buyers can self-educate, the very best salespeople are still able to remain indispensable by highlighting “icebergs in the distance” by leveraging their deep industry expertise. We’ll teach you how to facilitate a discovery that buyers would be happy to pay for:

  • Explore the role of expertise in effective discovery
  • Learn about the value pyramid – and how we can use it to guide our questioning
  • The Pain Scale – pressing the bruise to take pain on a journey
  • Finessing techniques – why questions are the only tools in our discovery locker!
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Value Pyramid

Opening & Closing Pain Funnels

Surfacing Unrecognised Needs

Finessing Techniques

Building & Delivering
A Compelling Business Case

In a world where sellers have limited facetime with key decision stakeholders, we must shape a compelling vision for change to align stakeholders around a strategic problem and priority. The art of delivering a compelling business case is critical in shaping the narrative and driving action.

  • What is a business case and why should we care?
  • The Compelling Event – how we identify, classify and amplify customer-led urgency
  • The Value Pyramid – how we sell to personal, departmental and organisational factors
  • Story-telling tips and techniques to make your core message cut through
  • Using the business case to create alignment, agreement and accountability
Sales Competencies that your team will develop in this module:

Identifying a Compelling Event

Building a Building Case


Stakeholder Alignment

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