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The Flow State Way – Sales Skills Training for Businesses

Taking your sales team’s skills to the next level

Bespoke sales skills courses devised and led by experts

We do things differently at Flow State! Hands-on sales skills training that gets close to pipeline, improves revenues and drives lasting behavioural change

The benefits of entrusting Flow State with your team’s sales skills training

With a dedicated sales development coach your team can achieve outcomes they didn’t realise they were capable of:

  • Improved sales team skills and confidence
  • Cleaner, more predictable pipeline and forecasts
  • Improved deal win rates, order values and sales cycles
  • Improved customer retention and expansion
  • Improved sales enablement effectiveness

Sales skills training courses and techniques used at Flow State

  • Building Quality Top of Funnel: make your outbound engagement irresistable for prospects!
  • Discovery Mastery: Get your buyer thinking differently through expert insight, artful questioning and amplify value and urgency
  • Delivering Value: demonstrate the unique value of your solution to all the right stakeholders
  • Closing & Planning for the Close: Collect commitment, gain agreement and run a successful closing process
  • Customer Retention & Expansion: unlock the true revenue potential within your customer base
  • Pipeline Discipline: create standards of excellence, predictability in your revenue organisation


Learn how we can design the right program for you

“The results were immediate and impressive. The passion the guys have and the energy that they bring is incredible. I would recommend Flow State to any sales team”

Lorenzo Filipo
Team Lead New Business, Amazon
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