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The Future of Selling – Matt Dixon & Brent Adamson

What’s the next big paradigm shift in selling?

How are buying behaviours evolving?

What implication does that have on the way sales people need to adapt?

Flow State’s very own Aaron Evans hosted a webinar with two legends of the game Brent Adamson & Matt Dixon (best-selling authors of The Challenger Sale, Challenger Customer & The Jolt Effect) to answer these very questions…and more!

Rory Sutherland – Books that make you think differently

Rory Sutherland is a big name in the world of advertising and the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK. With over 30 years at Ogilvy, he’s famous for thinking outside the box and using behavioural economics to understand what makes people tick. Rory’s known for his lively talks, witty writing, and his book “Alchemy,” where he...

Victor Antonio’s Top 4 Sales Books

As part of our “My Top 4 Sales Books” series, we’re exploring the essential reads that have profoundly influenced the sales philosophy of the one and only Victor Antonio. In this video Victor Antonio explores how these books provide deep insights into human behavior, the evolution of sales strategies, and the importance of understanding value....

My Top 4 Sales Books – Dave Brock

What do Green Eggs and Ham & Sales have in common? Well, Dave Brock, the seasoned author of the “Sales Manager Survival Guide,” shares his top book recommendations for salespeople, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. With each book, Dave highlights the unique lessons they impart and explains why these reads have been...
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