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“Selling is broken” – Anthony Iannarino Interview

We spoke with Anthony Iannarino who is globally known as a highly respected author, speaker, and sales leader known for his expertise in sales strategies, leadership, and personal development. With over two decades of experience in sales, Iannarino has established himself as a thought leader in the field, offering practical advice and insights to help individuals and organizations achieve their sales goals.

Born and raised in the United States, Iannarino began his career in sales at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks, gaining valuable experience across various industries. Drawing on his real-world experiences and deep understanding of sales dynamics, he has authored several best-selling books that have become essential reading for sales professionals worldwide.

Iannarino is perhaps best known for his books “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” and “Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition,” both of which offer actionable strategies and tactics for sales success in today’s competitive marketplace. In addition to his writing, Iannarino is a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant, delivering engaging presentations and workshops to audiences around the globe.

A passionate advocate for continuous learning and personal growth, Iannarino is committed to helping individuals and organizations thrive in the ever-evolving world of sales. Through his books, speaking engagements, and online content, he empowers sales professionals to achieve peak performance, build meaningful relationships with customers, and drive sustainable business growth.

Anthony Iannarino’s practical wisdom, insightful advice, and genuine passion for sales excellence have earned him a dedicated following and cemented his reputation as a leading authority in the field. He continues to inspire and educate sales professionals worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on the industry for years to come.

Anthony Iannarino has authored several books on sales, leadership, and personal development. Some of his notable books include:

  1. “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” (2016): In this bestselling book, Iannarino offers practical advice and strategies for achieving sales success in today’s competitive marketplace. He covers topics such as mindset, prospecting, storytelling, closing deals, and building long-term client relationships.
  2. “Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition” (2018): In this book, Iannarino provides insights into how sales professionals can differentiate themselves from the competition and win over customers by delivering unique value propositions. He shares strategies for understanding and leveraging competitive advantages to drive sales growth.
  3. “The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the Ten Commitments That Drive Sales” (2017): This book focuses on the art of closing deals in sales. Iannarino outlines ten essential commitments that sales professionals need to secure from their prospects in order to successfully close deals. He provides practical advice and techniques for navigating the closing process effectively.
  4. “The Sales Blog” (2011): While not a traditional book, “The Sales Blog” is Anthony Iannarino’s blog where he shares his insights, tips, and strategies for sales professionals. It covers a wide range of topics related to sales, leadership, and personal development, offering valuable resources for sales professionals looking to improve their skills and achieve success.

These books have garnered widespread acclaim within the sales community and have established Anthony Iannarino as a leading authority in the field of sales and business development.

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