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What do buyers expect from sellers?

Buyer behaviour has dramatically changed over the last few years and in many ways outpaced modern sales tactics A whopping 72% of buyers say they’d prefer to have a ‘rep free’ buying experience according to Gartner.

This is a clear sign that buyers are demanding a change in the way they are sold to. So what do we need to do to meet the buyer half way?

Matt Dixon (Challenger Sale & Jolt Effect), Anthony Iannarino (Eat Their Lunch and Elite Sales Strategies) and Todd Caponi (The Transparent Sales Leader) give their insights and opinions on where sellers are going wrong, how we can improve and win back the trust of buyers

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A Brief History of Sales Methodologies

Sales, often seen as the beating heart of any business, has had quite the journey throughout history. From the lively markets of ancient times to the bustling digital world we live in today, selling has adapted alongside changing times and technologies. Let’s take a trip through the colourful history of sales methods....

Scott Leese – My Top 4 Sales Books

Scott Leese is a seasoned sales leader and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the Saas and tech industry. Rising from humble beginnings in sales, he quickly ascended to leadership roles in prominent tech companies, earning recognition as a top voice in the profession. Known for his innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to...

Anthony Iannarino – My top 4 Sales Books

As part of a new series we set out to find the books that inspired the authors and ask them one simple questions – What are your top 4 sales books? Prepare to be captivated by the insights of the acclaimed five-time best-selling author, Anthony Iannarino! Join us as he unveils a treasure trove of...
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